Improve Response Rates, Gain New Insights, and Better Predict Behavior 

Today more than 50% of people in all age groups, even 50+, use their voice to interact with technology daily. This year, over half of U.S. smartphone owners will use voice on their phones for something other than a phone call. 

Savvy researchers are always on the lookout for smarter ways to gain new insights and better predict behavior. In an always-on, digital-first, better-make-it-quick world, it gets harder every day to get the data that you need and want to reliably inform important decisions. And, obtaining qualitative data, with its high potential for richer insights, is the hardest type of data to get.  

Now, with innovative Phebi Insight, you can quickly and easily put voice technology to work for you to increase response and completion rates, gain insight-rich qualitative data at scale and better predict behavior. 

Better Predict Behavior with Hard-to-Get Information

Phebi Insight can voice-enable any survey. When people talk instead of type, they give richer answers, especially on mobile.

Get Richer Answers and Even Detect Emotions

Phebi Insight’s AI understands emotion. This unlocks new insights and enables tailored follow-ups based on ‘sensed’ emotions.

Increase Response and Completion Rates 

Answering surveys by voice is easier. By offering the option you’ll streamline UX and save time and money with higher response rates.

Phebi Insight is a Smarter Way to Engage with and Understand People  

Research professionals in organizations of all types and sizes rely on Phebi Insight to uncover what people really think and to better predict what they will do. Phebi Insight applies natural language processing technology and artificial intelligence to enable you to collect richer feedback and better understand sentiment and behavior in many survey types, including: 

People Choose Phebi Insight Because it: 

Phebi Insight Gives You Information You Can’t Get Anywhere Else 

The goal of every survey research project is to gather data that enables you to gain valuable insights. If you can learn things others don’t know, you can put that intelligence to use to make meaningful change and, in business and politics, gain a competitive advantage.   

Surveys that require people to read questions then write or type answers have historically been the de facto standard for collecting data. In recent years, a combination of factors has decreased the effectiveness of that approach, both in terms of cost and the ability to gather in-depth data that leads to insights that create advantages. 

Phebi uses a combination of cutting-edge science—natural language processing and artificial intelligence—to automatically create a contextual language model that makes it easy for researchers to successfully deploy voice-enabled surveys and glean new insights. 

Emotion Detection

Written communication can mask emotion. Phebi Insight assigns spoken responses an emotion score that provides researchers with additional information only available via the combination of voice tech and AI.   

Sentiment Analysis

In addition to learning about each respondent’s tone, it’s valuable to understand at-a-glance the sentiment that words they chose convey. Phebi Insight analyzes the specific words respondents chose and assigns a sentiment score.

Gender Identification 

In some situations, you may not want to ask direct questions about gender, but knowing that information may be valuable. Phebi Insight uses artificial intelligence to categorize respondents with a high degree of accuracy. 

Phebi Insight Takes Smart to the Next Level 

Responsive Routing  

When emotion is detected in a response, you may want to ask a specific follow-up question or shift to a different line of questioning. With Phebi Insight, you can use emotion scores to determine which question is asked next.

Decrease Fraud Risk

Unfortunately, some people try to “game the system,” attempting to take surveys multiple times to influence results and/or to gain access to rewards. Phebi Insight’s underlying voice recognition technology mitigates these risks. 

Easy Access to Data  

It’s easy to see summary information about detected emotions, gender and age in Phebi’s Dashboard. And respondent-level data can be fed back into your platform via an API or it can be exported to a .CSV or .SAV file.

Phebi Insight’s Flexibility Holds Down Costs and Makes Participation Easy

Complements Your Research Platform 

Odds are that you’ve made a significant investment in a survey platform. Good news! Phebi Insight acts as an add-on to your current platform allowing you to voice-enable surveys without changing systems.

Use Any Question Type 

Using different question types is critical in gathering the best possible data for your survey. Phebi Insight supports any question type that your survey platform supports. 


When people provide voice responses, they may choose words that don’t exactly match the ones you’ve used to describe categories. Phebi Insight uses synonyms to better match responses with your categories. 

Phebi Insight Gets the Details Right

Available via Computer or Mobile Phone

If people can only take your survey on their computer, you’re missing opportunities. By enabling voice responses across devices, Phebi Insight helps you reach more  potential respondents cost-effectively.

Your Data is Your Data

Response data is stored on Phebi’s private cloud and is never shared with any third parties At the end of a project, you may take possession of the files or notify Phebi to destroy them.   


By voice-enabling your survey with Phebi Insight you make it available to more people, including people who aren’t able to, or prefer not to, read questions and respond to them by typing replies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Gain New Insights by Cost-Effectively Scanning Captured Audio

Voice tech can make it easier for market researchers to supplement survey research with methods that enable them to discover how topics and brands are interwoven in our daily lives. Phebi Detect deploys highly accurate natural language technology to ingest conversations and identifies with time stamps when key words and phrases are used so that you can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively find, listen to, or transcribe, the information that matters to you. You can learn more about it here.