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Phebi Insight voice-enables any survey. It delivers new insights and richer answers, better predicts behavior, improves response rates and builds brands by providing a better user experience. With it, researchers can gain, and quantify, insight-rich qualitative data at scale.
And, because it is easy to set-up, easy to deploy, and sits on top of, and works with, any type of survey software, researchers can realize its value with virtually no disruption of their existing survey process.

Phebi was founded based on the idea that voice interactions are the most intuitive, natural and efficient way for us to communicate. Voice technology is rapidly transforming the way that we interact with our devices—people are adopting it faster than any other technology, including smart phones. According to PwC more than 50% of people in all age groups, even 50+, already use their voice to interact with technology daily. This year, over half of U.S. smartphone owners will use voice on their phones for something other than a phone call.

Phebi’s founders and some of its advisors have backgrounds in the market research industry. It made sense to them that, especially given the benefits in terms of response rates, from mobile-first people, and richer insights, because it is faster and easier for most of us to speak than type, researchers of all types would embrace voice-enabled surveys as an easier way for people to share their opinions, thoughts and feelings.

Phebi Insight can be added to any survey that is available via a website that can run a JavaScript plug-in. You do not have to use a specific type of software with it.

The addition of Phebi to a survey adds the ability for respondents to have questions read to them and/or to respond to questions with their voice, but it doesn’t require them to respond that way—they can still type their responses if they want to.

Phebi Insight can support any question type. It delivers the most value relative to keyed responses for open-ended questions because the responses are typically longer and richer.

Phebi collects and transcribes audio responses, integrates those results into the appropriate fields on your platform, does emotion and sentiment analysis, and can detect words and phrases in responses.

Each survey is different but, based on the initial pilots, it’s typical for 40% to 50% of respondents, when they are offered the option (responding traditionally being the other option), to use their voice to respond to one or more questions from mobile devices. 

With Phebi Insight you get more data in less time. Based on research, responding to open-ended questions on mobile devices via voice is between 6 and 10 times faster than typing a response.

Installing Phebi Insight is fast and easy. Your team only needs to be able to install a small JavaScript and CSS app that collects data. It typically only takes a few minutes. Fast and friendly expert support is available.

Phebi uses a combination of advanced machine learning techniques, contextual language models and AI. Its innovative approach was built from the ground up, trained and tested by Phebi Labs, where it is continually being improved as Phebi’s team works with new customers and in new applications.   

Phebi Insight works with all of the leading browsers and other browsers that can run a JavaScript plug-in.

There are no limits or size restrictions related to using Phebi Insight.

Phebi respects privacy and limits exposure risk by only using and storing the audio files it collects.

Phebi securely stores data on its own servers, which are in an ISO-270001 compliant data center. The timing of the deletion of data is based on your needs.

To remove Phebi Search, simply remove the JavaScript app.

Phebi Insight is available in any country not restricted by U.S., U.K., or EU law.

Phebi Insight currently only supports the English language. The underlying technology is capable of supporting other languages. If you’d like to let us know what other language (or languages) you’d like supported, please send us an email at labs@phebi.ai.

It’s easy to plan and budget with Phebi Insight—all aspects of your survey, including project set-up, project management, development and testing of add-on application for deployment, the analysis (which is available to you via a software-as-a-service dashboard), integration of the results back into your survey and use of the underlying Phebi technology and servers are all included in the pricing.
Phebi Insight pricing is based on responses. A response is defined as one person’s answer to a question. Read-outs of, and responses to, close-ended questions start at 10 cents (USD) per question. Read-outs of, and responses to, open-ended questions start at 50 cents per question.
For example, a survey with 20 closed-end questions, 5 open-ended questions, and 500 respondents is priced at $2,250. The calculation of that price is ((20 x .10) + (5 x .50)) x 500 = $2,250.
The minimum price to voice-enable a survey and get the full set of analysis is $1,500. Volume discounts are available.
Reseller and referral arrangements, and other specialized pricing arrangements, are available to market research firms; marketing, digital and advertising agencies; and software and consulting companies who do many surveys.

Most clients who add Phebi Insight to a survey do so because they value the richer insights it makes possible as well as the service’s ease of use.

With Phebi Insight, responses are richer and deeper analysis is available more quickly. Those advantages may even be ‘free’ compared to your current costs because, depending on the specifics of your situation, the price of Phebi may be offset in one or more of these ways:

—Phebi’s standard offering includes transcription along with emotion detection and sentiment analysis yet Phebi’s price is frequently less than the price of traditional transcription alone.

—Phebi’s standard offering includes sentiment analysis. If/when it is available from other suppliers, sentiment analysis typically requires an add-on fee.

—Phebi’s dashboard, which is included as part of the standard offering, saves you time during the analysis phase by enabling you to easily see data by respondent, filter by various criteria, search by keywords/keyphrases and more.

—Phebi offers reasonably priced add-on services to do language conversions and file type conversions if needed. Clients come out ahead both from the pricing and from the convenience of working with a single supplier.

—By inviting people to respond by voice, Phebi typically saves money and speeds up project timelines by enabling quotas to be reached more quickly thanks to improved response and completion rates.

—Similarly, panel churn rates are typically reduced due to the convenience of using voice to respond.

—Phebi can work with any survey software to give respondents the option to respond via voice. When the survey software is provided by one of Phebi’s ‘platform’ partners, time and cost are saved because the responses are automatically integrated back into the platform’s response database.

—If you have been using video to observe responses or to conduct interviews, you can save money and time with Phebi, due to the use of lower-cost technology, improved response rates, and labor cost savings due to built-in, consistently applied and quantified emotion detection. 

—It is fast and easy to voice-enable a survey with Phebi. Compared to other options, clients save time and money by reducing both coding and support costs.

—In recognition of the effects budget cutbacks have had on market research, and to introduce Phebi to more agencies and brands, we are currently offering first-time clients a free pilot. To learn more, click here

If you have ideas on how to make Phebi Insight better, we’d like to hear from you. Please send us an email at labs@phebi.ai.
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Phebi is a leader in the emerging Voice Economy. In addition to Phebi Insight, our one-of-a-kind voice technology has already proven to itself to valuable in other applications, including the detection of keywords and phrases in conversations and website search. And, we’re exploring others, such as business intelligence, as well. You can learn more about what else we’re working on, and contact us about them if you’d like to, here.