About Phebi

Phebi—pronounced FEE-bee, like the Friends character—was founded in 2018 based on the idea that voice interactions are the most intuitive, natural and efficient way for us to communicate. After seeing consumers across demographics enthusiastically embrace voice as a part of modern life, our founders set out to help businesses join the Voice Economy quickly, easily and cost-effectively.    

Phebi uses speech recognition, NLP, AI and machine learning to create affordable, easy-to-deploy software that improves business outcomes by voice-enabling market and survey research, e-commerce and business intelligence. Our flagship solutions are Phebi Insight, for voice-enabling surveys, Phebi Detect, for AI-enabled conversation analysis and Phebi Search, for voice-enabling websites.

Headquartered in London with a distributed team across the USA, we are proud to deliver best-in-class SaaS solutions to forward-leaning market research and e-commerce companies globally.

Meet the Team

Mike Page

Co-founder and CEO

Konstantin Morjan

Co-founder and CTO

Maggie Weinberg

Head of Marketing

Travis Garner

Vice President of Sales

Board and Advisors

Mark Battaglia

Non-Executive Board Member

Dan Foreman


Abigail Stuart


Baileigh Allen


Ian Durrell


Kjell De Orr


Richard Medford



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